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    • "Deuterium Fractionation during Amino Acid Formation by Photolysis of Interstellar Ice Analogs Containing Deuterated Methanol"
      Y. Oba, Y. Takano, N. Watanabe, A. Kouchi
      Astrophys. J. Lett. 827, L18 (2016)

    • Editors Choice に選ばれました "Negative catalytic effect of water on the reactivity of hydrogen abstraction from the C.H bond of dimethyl ether by deuterium atoms through tunneling at low temperatures"
      Y. Oba, N. Watanabe, A. Kouchi
      Chem. Phys. Lett. 662, 14 (2016)

    • "Hydrogen.deuterium substitution in solid ethanol by surface reactions at low temperatures"
      Y. Oba, K. Osaka, T. Chigai, A. Kouchi, N. Watanabe
      Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 462, 689 (2016)

    • PRLのEditors' Suggestionに選ばれました."Surface Temperature Dependence of Hydrogen Ortho-Para Conversion on Amorphous Solid Water"
      H. Ueta, N. Watanabe, T. Hama, A. Kouchi
      Physical Review Letters 116, 253201 (2016)

    • "Stepwise formation of H3O+(H2O)n in an ion drift tube: Empirical effective temperature of association/dissociation reaction equilibrium in an electric field"
      Y, Nakai, H. Hidaka, N. Watanabe, T. M. Kojima
      J. Chem. Phys. 144, 224306 (2016)

    • "Statistical ortho-to-para ratio ofwater desorbed from ice at 10 kelvin"
      T. Hama, A. Kouchi, and N. Watanabe
      Science 351, 65 (2016)

      • "Signature of Quantum-Tunneling Diffusion of Hydrogen Atoms on Water Ice at 10 K"
        K. Kuwahata, T. Hama, A. Kouchi, and N. Watanabe
        Physical Review Letters 115, 133201 (2015)

      • "低温アモルファス氷表面における水素原子の拡散-宇宙における分子進化の鍵-"
        日本物理学会誌 vol 70, 609 (2015)

      • Editors Choice に選ばれました "Chiral glycine formation on cold interstellar grains by quantum tunneling hydrogen-deuterium substitution reactions"
        Y. Oba, N. Watanabe, Y. Osamura, and A. Kouchi
        Chem. Phys. Lett. 634, 53-59 (2015)

      • "Quantum Tunneling Observed without its Characteristic Large Kinetic Isotope Effects"
        T. Hama, H. Ueta, A. Kouchi, and N. Watanabe
        PNAS 112, 7438-7443 (2015)


        • "Quantum Tunneling Hydrogenation of Solid Benzene and Its Control via Surface Structure"
          T. Hama, H. Ueta, A. Kouchi, N. Watanabe, and H. Tachikawa
          The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 5, 3843-3848 (2014)

        • "Reaction kinetics and isotope effect of water formation by the surface reaction of solid H2O2 with H atoms at low temperatures"
          Yasuhiro Oba, Kazuya Osaka, Naoki Watanabe, Takeshi Chigai and Akira Kouchi
          Faraday Discussion 168, 185-204 (2014)


        • "Surface Processes on Interstellar Amorphous Solid Water: Adsorption, Diffusion, Tunneling Reactions, and Nuclear-Spin Conversion"
          Tetsuya Hama, Naoki Watanabe
          Chem. Rev. 113, 8783 (2013)

        • "Hydrogen isotopic substitution of solid methylamine through atomic surface reactions at low temperatures: A potential contribution to the D/H ratio of methylamine in molecular clouds",
          Yasuhiro OBA,Takeshi CHIGAI, Yoshihiro OSAMURA, Naoki WATANABE, Akira KOUCH
          Meteoritics & Planetary Science 1-16 (2013):DOI: 10.1111/maps.12096

        • ”星間分子雲での微粒子表面における水素の化学物理過程”,
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        • ”The Mechanism of Surface Diffusion of H and D Atoms on Amorphous Solid Water: Existence of Various Potential Sites”,
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        • “Water Formation Through a Quantum Tunneling Surface Reaction, OH + H2, at 10 K"
          Y. Oba, N. Watanabe, T. Hama, K. Kuwahata, H. Hidaka, A. Kouchi
          Astrophys. J. 749:67 (2012)