Monday 13th

8:30-    Registration

9:15-9:20    Opening remarks: N. Watanabe
9:20-9:30    From the director of ILTS: A. Kouchi

9:30-10:15    Susanne Aalto (Onsala Observatory, Sweden)    invited
"Molecules as Probes of Activity in Obscured Luminous Galaxies"

10:15-10:45    Shuji Deguchi (Nobeyama, NAOJ)
"HOCO+ toward Sgr B2 Complex"

10:45-11:05    Coffee

11:05-11:35    Minh Young Chol (KASI, Korea)
"SMA Observations toward the Massive Star-forming Core MM1 of W75N"

11:35-12:10    Masao Saito (ALMA, NAOJ)
"ALMA for Interstellar Matter"

12:10-14:00    Lunch

14:00-14:45    Eric Herbst (Ohio Univ., USA)    invited
"Some Early Results from the HIFI Instrument on the Herschel Space Observatory"

14:45-15:30    Nami Sakai (Univ. Tokyo)    invited
"Recent Progress of Carbon-Chain Chemistry in Molecular Clouds"

15:30-16:00    Mitsunori Araki (Tokyo Univ Sci)
"Spectral Lines of Carbon Chain Molecules in a Star Forming Region L1527 between 29 and 90 GHz"

16:00-17:15    Short Presentations for posters

17:15-    Poster Session

Tuesday 14th

9:00-9:30    Tsuneo Hirano (Ochanomizu Univ.)
"Computational Molecular Spectroscopy: Fe-containing Molecules of Astrochemical Interest"

9:30-10:00    Yoshihiro Osamura (Kanagawa Inst. Tech.)
"Quantum Chemical Study of Water Effect for Hydrogen Abstraction Reactions in Low Temperature"

10:00-10:30    Nanase Harada (Ohio Univ., USA)
"Modeling Chemistry in the Accretion Disk of an Active Galactic Nucleus"

10:30-10:50    Coffee

10:50-11:20    Zhen-Dong Sun (Shandong Univ, China/Toyama Univ.)
"Separation and Conversion Dynamics of Nuclear Spin Isomers of Gaseous Molecules"

11:20-12:05    Wolf D. Geppert (Stockholm Univ., Sweden)    invited
"Dissociative Recombination and the Build-up of Complex Molecules in the Interstellar Medium"

12:05-14:00    Lunch

14:00-14:45    Karin Öberg (CFA. USA)    invited
"The Evolving Ice-Gas Interface during Star- and Planet-Formation"

14:45-15:15    Philippe Parent (Univ. Pierre-et-Marie Curie, France)
"The Soft X-ray Induced Chemistry of CO and CH3OH in Water Ice Studied by NEXAFS"

15:15-15:45    Yasuhiro Oba (Hokkaido Univ.)
"Formation of CO2 and H2CO3 through Non-energetic Surface Reactions at Low Temperatures"

15:45-16:00    Coffee

16:00-16:30     Phillip Peters (Univ. Lille 1, France)
"Theoretical Investigation of the Formation of H2CO in the Interstellar Medium: A Water Assisted Reaction"

16:30-17:00    Fujun Du (MPIfR, Germany)
"A Hybrid Moment Equation Approach to Gas-Grain Chemistry"

1700-    Poster Session

18:30-    Banquet at ILTS

Wendesday 15th

9:00-9:30    Itsuki Sakon (Univ. Tokyo)
"Properties of PAH Emission in Nova V1280 Sco"

9:30-10:00    Takashi Shimonishi (Univ. Tokyo)
"Infrared Observations of Ices around Young Stellar Objects in the Small and Large Magellanic Cloud"

10:00-10:30    Karin Öberg (CFA. USA)
"DISCS: A Spatially and Spectroscopically Resolved Survey of Chemistry in Protoplanetary Disks"

10:30-11:15    Tsubasa Fukue (NAOJ)    invited
"Near-Infrared Image of Circular Polarization in the Orion Nebula"

11:15-11:30    Concluding Remarks: Shuro Takano

Posters    size 90cm(width)x180cm(height)

P1.    Shuro Takano (Nobeyama, NAOJ)
"Nobeyama 45m Telescope Legacy Project: Line Survey (II)"

P2.    Tac Nakajima (Nobeyama, NAOJ)
"Line Survey Project of External Galaxies with NRO 45-m Telescope"

P3.    Naomi Hirano (Academia SINICA, Taiwan)
"Extremely High Velocity HCN Emission from L1448C"

P4.    Yoshimasa Watanabe (Univ. Tokyo)
"Line Survey of RCrA IRAS7B in the 345GHz Window with ASTE"

P5.    Masao Saito (ALMA, NAOJ)
"ALMA for Interstellar Matter"

P6.    Tatsuya Takekoshi (Hokkaido Univ.)
"AzTEC on ASTE: 1.1mm Continuum Observations Toward Molecular Clouds in the Small Magellanic Cloud"

P7.    Ryou Ohsawa (Univ. Tokyo)
"Observational Evidence for the Asymmetrical Dust Clouds around the Peculiar SN Impostor in the NGC 300"

P8.    Jenette Suherli (Bandung Inst Tech., Indonesia)
"Properties of Dust around Eta Carinae during the Periastron Event in 2009 Based on Near Infrared Multi-epoch Photometric Observations with the Wide Field Cryogenic Telescope 2 (WFCT2)"

P9.    Norio Ikeda (JAXA)
"Far Infrared Imaging Survey of the Chamaeleon Region with AKARI: Column Density Maps of Molecular and Atomic Clouds Resolving Star Forming Cores"

P10.    Yuri Aikawa (Kobe Univ.)
"AKARI Observations of Ice Absorption Bands towards Edge-on YSOs"

P11.    Toyoharu Umebayashi (Yamagata Univ.)
"Effects of Dust Size Growth and Settling on the Ionization Rates by Radionuclides in Protoplanetary Gaseous Disks"

P12.    Kenji Furuya (Kobe Univ.)
"Carbon Isotope and Isotopomer Fractionation in Cold Dense Cloud Cores"

P13.    Yuki Kimura (Tohoku Univ.)
"Experimental Study of Nucleation, Coalescence and Growth of Nanoparticles"

P14.    Julyan Cartwright (CSIC-Univ. Granada, Spain)
"The Mesoscale Morphologies of Ice Films: Porous and Biomorphic Forms of Ice under Astrophysical Conditions"

P15.    Asper Cheng (National Central Univ., Taiwan)
"UV/EUV Photolysis of Polar and Nonpolar Molecules' Effect on Methane Containing Ice Mixture"

P16.    Sohan Jheeta (Open Univ. UK)
"The Irradiation of Methyl Cyanide (CH3CN) Ice at 15 K with 200 keV Protons"

P17.    Takanori Itoh (Toyama Univ.)
"Microwave Spectroscopy of 13CH3OH"

P18.    Tetsuya Hama (Hokkaido Univ.)
"Formation of Oxygen Molecules Following Vacuum Ultraviolet Photodissociation of Amorphous Solid Water"

P19.    Akihiro Yabushita (Kyoto Univ.)
"Translational and Rotational Energy Measurements of Vacuum-ultraviolet Photodesorped Water molecules in their Vibrational Ground State from Amorphous Solid Water"

P20.    Naoki Watanabe (Hokkaido Univ.)
"Laboratory Measurements of Atomic Hydrogen Diffusion and the Ortho-Para Conversion of Nascent H2 Molecules on Amorphous Solid Water"

P21.    Alexandre Ratajczak (LPG/LAOG, France)
"Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchanges in Interstellar/Cometary Ice Analogues"

P22.    Hiroshi Hidaka (Hokkaido Univ.)
"Ammonia Formation by the Successive Hydrogenation of N atom Trapped Solid N2 at Low Temperature"

P23.    Tomohisa Yonezu (Nobeyama, NAOJ)
"THz High-Resolution TuFIR Spectroscopy of Pure Rotational Transitions of Molecular Ions H2D+"

P24.    Kenichi Iwamoto (Osaka Pref Univ.)
"Low Temperature Ion-Molecule Reactions with Drift Tube Mass Spectrometer"