What's new

  • 16 November, Zoom and Remo URLs were sent to the participants via email with the subject "URLs for ISM2021" (If you haven't recieved it, please contact us)
  • 11 November, participant list updated (148 registered. Thank you!)
  • 29 October, scientific program opened
  • 17 August, opened


  • Recent significant progress of astronomical observations has elucidated a rich variety of physical and chemical properties of the Universe, and also been providing insights into how stars, planetary systems, and galaxies are being born. In association with the progress of observations, it is of increasing importance to understand the physical and chemical processes of interstellar matters on a molecular/atomic scale. This workshop aims to offer an opportunity for the exchange of current research results of physics and chemistry of astronomically relevant atoms, radicals, molecules, and ions in both gas and condensed phases. Toward the development of interactive activation among astronomical observations, theoretical calculations, and laboratory experiments, participants from wide fields such as physics, chemistry, planetary sciences, and astronomy, are welcome to this workshop.

    Way of Participation

    Residents outside Japan: Online

    Residents in Japan: hybrid (on-site + online)
  • People who prefered onsite participation in the registration can come to Sapporo.

    Invited Speakers

    Confirmed invited speakers
    Emmanuel Dartois (Universite Paris-Sud, France)
    Jean-Hugues Fillion (Sorbonne Universite, France)
    Brian Hays (Université de Rennes 1, France)
    Robin Garrod (University of Virginia, USA)
    Ralf Kaiser (University of Hawaii, USA)
    Germán Molpeceres (University of Stuttgart, Germany)
    Brett McGuire (MIT, USA)
    Shogo Tachibana (University of Tokyo, Japan)
    Masashi Tsuge (Hokkaido University, Japan)
    Susanna Widicus Weaver (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)


    November 17-19, 2021
    See program
    (download program in JST, program in UTC)

  • Oral presentations will be recorded for people who cannot fully attend the meeting.
  • The recorded videos will open by the end of 20th (JST) only for the registered people.

    Poster session
  • Posters should be submitted in advance by email (Deadline: 10th November) in A0 size PDF format.
  • Poster sessions will be fully online using Remo Conference.
    The URL for the remo poster room will be informed by email to the participants.

  • How to use REMO:
    Registar your information first. If you have already used the remo, you may not need the registration.
    Please make only a single ID (Do not register twice or more).
    Then, you can enter the remo poster room anytime from the noon of 17th to the noon of 19th.
    To see the poster, click "Whiteboard" at the poster site.

    How to upload your poster number icon in Remo conference
    The presenter needs to upload your poster number icon for your ID in Remo conference because people want to know who is the presenter in the room.
    1. After entering the poster room, click the icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
    2. Select "Profile" in the menu.
    3. Click the "Edit" button in the profile window.
    4. After the editing window appears, click the "Add Profile Image" button and select your poster number icon.
    The poster number icon will be distributed to you by email.


    Pariticipant list updated on 11 Nov.

    Registration & Abstracts

    Registration is closed
  • Registration is free of charge but requires your information.
    The deadline for registration is 31st October.
  • The abstract should be emailed to us by 24th October using the abstract template.
  • Oral presentation will be selected from the submitted abstracts. Other papers will be poster presentations.


  • Yuri Aikawa (University of Tokyo)
  • Tomoya Hirota (NAOJ)
  • Kaori Kobayashi (University of Toyama)
  • Nami Sakai (RIKEN)
  • Naoki Watanabe (Hokkaido University)


  • ISM2021_at_lowtem.hokudai.ac.jp
    ** "_at_" should be replaced by "@" when you type