Climate System Research Group
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Fundamental Lecture in Paleoclimatology and Paleoceanography

  ・Outline of plaeoclimate science
  ・Climate changes in historical times – forcing
  ・Climate changes in historical times – response
  ・Ice core and DO cycles
  ・Ice core, greenhouse gas and carbon cycles
  ・Millennialscale variability
  ・Isotopes and Earth’s carbon and water balances
  ・Milankovitch cycle
  ・Glacial-interglacial cycles and sea level change
  ・Worlds of the last glacial
  ・Secular changes in Earth’s climate
  ・Climate model and paleoclimatic reconstruction
  ・Mechanisms of past climate changes examined by climate modeling
  ・Projection of climate


Advanced Course in Paleoclimatology and Biomarker Geochemistry

  ・Overview of organic geochemistry
  ・Production, transportation and fate of organic matter
  ・Diagenesis of organic matter and genesis of petroleum and coal
  ・Stable isotopes  
  ・Isotopic fractionation
  ・Delta notation
  ・Analytical methods
  ・Paleo-nitrogen cycle
  ・Functional food web
  ・Energetic food web
  ・Paleo-temperature estimates
  ・Paleo-pCO2 estimates
  ・Reconstruction of paleo-hydrological cycle