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  • Understanding of TDF in 13C/12C for amino acids. nternational Symposium on Isotope Physiology, Ecology, and Geochemistry 2019, 2019.6.24-17, Sapporo, Japan.
  • Isotopic fractionation of 15N/14N associated with the aminbo acid metabolism in plant phenology. International workshop on new application of stable isotope approaches, 2018.11.7, Ansan, Korea.


  • Takizawa Y., Chikaraishi Y. (2017) Heterotrophic production of plant lead lipids is highly active throughout season: isotopic evidence on amino acids and lipids. The 28th IMOG, 22 September 2017 Florence, Italy. Oral.

 * IMOG:International Meeting of Organic Geochemistry


  • アミノ酸窒素同位体比からミル生態系におけるエネルギーフロー. 第65回生態学会大会(札幌コンベンションセンター), 2018.3.15