16 th, Thu.

8.30- Registration

9:15-9:20 Welcome address from the director of ILTS: Naoto Ebuchi
9:20-9:25 Opening remarks: Naoki Watanabe

Morning Session 1     Chairperson: Ralf Kaiser

9:25-9:50 Itsuki Sakon (The University of Tokyo)
"Quest for the Compositional identification and Chemical evolutional understanding of the interstellar carbonaceous dust based on the experiment using JEM/ExHAM on the ISS"

9:50-10:15 Masatoshi Ohishi (NAOJ)
"Chemical Evolution of N-bearing Organic Molecules Leading to Glycine"

10:15-10:35 Taiki Suzuki (NAOJ)
"Chemical/Physical Properties of CH2NH Sources"

10:35-10:45 Coffee break

Morning Session 2     Chairperson: Klaus Pontoppidan

10:45-11:30 Nami Sakai ( University of Tokyo) Invited
"Chemical Evolution of Star-Forming Cores toward Protostellar/planetary Disks"

11:30-11:55 Bertrand Lefloch (IPAG, France)
"The Origin of Complex Organic Molecules in Prestellar Cores"

11:55-12:20 Ana Lopez Sepulcre (University of Tokyo, IPAG France)
"Formamide (NH2CHO) in Star-forming Regions: A Crucial Precursor of Prebiotic Material"

12:20-14:00 Lunch

Afternoon Session 1     Chairperson: Hideko Nomura

14:00-14:45 Klaus Pontoppidan (STSI, USA) Invited
"Volatiles in Protoplanetary Disks - Setting the Stage for Planetary Atmospheres"

14:45-15:10 Yuri Aikawa (Kobe University)
"The N2H+ Ring in Protoplanetary Disks"

15:10-15:55 Akira Kouchi (ILTS, Hokkaido University) Invited
"In-situ Observation of Ices by Ultrahigh Vacuum Transmission Electron Microscope and Atomic Force Microscope"

15:55-16:20 Coffee break

16:20- Poster session

17 th, Fri.

Morning Session 1     Chairperson: Hiroshi Hidaka

9:00-9:45 Gianfranco Vidali (Syracuse University, USA) Invited
"Oxygen Chemistry on Dust Grains"

9:45-10:10 Asper Chen (National Central University, Taiwan)
"Photodesorption of CO Ice Induced by a Non-monochromatic Light Source"

10:10-10:55 Ralf Kaiser (University of Hawaii ) Invited
"Probing the Formation of Biorelvant Molecules in Kuiper Belts by Tunable Vacuum Ultraviolet Photoionization Mass Spectrometry (PI-TOF-MS)"

10:55-11:05 Coffee break

Morning Session 2     Chairperson: Akihiro Yabushita

11:05-11:50 Dieter Gerlich (Chemnitz Univ Tech, Germany) Invited
"Astrochemistry in Ion Traps: from Cold Hydrogen to Hot Carbon"

11:50-12:15 Masashi Arakawa (Kyushu University)
"Formation of hydrated-alumina clusters toward elucidation of generation process of organic molecules on mineral surfaces"


Afternoon Session 1     Chairperson: Shuro Takano

14:00-14:45Kentarou Kawaguchi (Okayama University) Invited
"H2F+ : Herschel Observation and Laboratory Chemical Reaction Study"

14:45-15:10 Mitsunori Araki (Tokyo University of Science)
"Laboratory Spectroscopy of 1,2,3-butatriene Cation H2CCCCH2+ as a Candidate for a Diffuse Interstellar Band Carrier"

15:10-15:25 Coffee break

Afternoon Session 2     Chairperson: Osamu Takahashi

15:25-16:10 Albert Rimola (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain) Invited
"Atomic-scale Insights of the Chemistry Occurring in the Interstellar Medium: Clues from Quantum Chemical Methods"

16:10-16:55Laurent Wiesenfeld (IPAG, France) Invited
"Molecular Collisions for Astrophyics: Theory and Experiments"

16:55- 18:45 Poster session

19:00- Banquet

18 th, Sat.

Morning Session 1     Chairperson: Yoshimasa Watanabe

9:00-9:45 Eric Herbst (University of Virginia, USA) Invited
"Progress in Chemical Simulations with Gas and Surface Chemistry"

9:45-10:10 Kotomi Taniguchi (Toho University; NAOJ)
"Investigation of 13C Isotopic Fractionation of HC5N in TMC-1"

10:10-10:35 Takeshi Sakai (University of Electro-Communications)
"DNC/HNC Ratio in the IRDC Clump G34.43+00.24 MM3"

10:35-10:50 Coffee break

Morning Session 2     Chairperson: Eric Herbst

10:50-11:20 Yasuo Fukui (Nagoya University)
"Optically thick HI in the local interstellar medium: An alternative to “dark gas”"

11:20-11:45 Shuro Takano (Nobeyama, NAOJ)
"Distributions of Molecules in the Circumnuclear Disk and Surrounding Starburst Ring in the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 1068 observed with ALMA"

11:45-12:10 Mitsuyoshi Yamagishi (Nagoya University)
"Variations in the CO2/H2O Ice Abundance Ratios in Nearby Galaxies"

12:10-12:20 Concluding remarks: Yuri Aikawa

Posters [board-size 90cm(width)x180cm(height)]

1.  Y. Nakai "Experiments for ionic cluster formation using an ion drift-tube with selected-ion injection"

2.  H. Hidaka "Formation of H3O+ hydrate by NO+ injection into drift tube filled with H2O/buffer gases: separation between the contributions of two formation pathways by the drift time measurements

3.  L. Zhou "On the radiolysis of ethylene ices by energetic electrons and implications"

4.  A. Yabushita "Hydrogen atom desorption from water ice by 157 nm"

5.  S. Tachibana "Photo-induced synthesis of interstellar organic matter: Volatile compounds and texture of organic residues"

6.  Y. Kimura "Reproductive experiment of organic formation by catalytic reactions in the solar nebula"

7.  Y. Takano "High precision measurement of isotopic composition of amino acids by LC x GC/C/IRMS"

8.  R. Netsu "Formation of clathrate hydrate from amorphous ice during warming"

9.  S. Ishizuka "Crystallization mechanism of silicate formed from supersaturated vapor investigated by in-situ IR measurement"

10.  T. Hama "Hydrogen atom addition reactions to solid benzene by quantum tunnelling"

11.  K. Osaka "H-D Substitution reactions of solid ethanol with atomic deuterium via quantum tunneling at low temperatures"

12.  H. Kobayashi "Hydrogen addition reactions of simplealiphatic hydrocarbons (C2H2 and C2H4) ~ clue to the formation mechanism of cometary C2H6~

13.  H. Sugahara "Nitrogen isotopic fractionation of ammonia by adsorption on grain surface: An experimental approach to understand 15N-enriched organic matters in extraterrestrial materials

14.  K. Sato "Infrared characteristics of carbonaceous materials irradiated by nitrogen plasma"

15.  M. Araki "Detectability of prolate symmetric-top molecules in diffuse clouds by a “Hot-Axis Effect”

16.  K. Watanabe "Laser spectroscopic study of CaH in the UV region"

17.  Y. Matsushita "High resolution spectroscopy of the 2A2 - X2B1 electronic transition of phenoxy radical as a candidate of Diffuse Interstellar Bands carrier

18.  R. Escribano "Stability of glycine and interstellar carbonaceous dust analogs under UV irradiation and electron bombardment

19.  R. Escribano "Infrared activation of the breathing mode of methane"

20.  Y. Kumagai "Structures of surface and grain boundary of amorphous ice"

21.  Y. Kunisada "A theoretical study of H2 adsorption on ice XI surfaces"

22.  H. Nakashima "Solving the Schrodinger equations of interstellar molecules"

23.  M. Nakamura "Collison dynamics of PAH clusters with charged particles"

24.  S. Notsu "Chemical reactions in protoplanetary disks and possibility of detecting H2O snowline using spectroscopic observations"

25.  D. Ishimoto "Chemistry in protoplanetary disks with the effects of the grain growth"

26.  M. Numata "Time and Space Variation of the Organic Particles in the Proto-solar Disk"

27.  Y. Aikawa "Chemistry in a forming protoplanetary disk"

28.  T. Nakajima "A multi-transition study of molecules toward NGC 1068 based on high-resolution imaging observations with ALMA"

29.  Y. Watanabe "Distribution of molecules in spiral arm of M51"

30.  T. Izumi "The spatial distribution of shock/dust-related molecules in the nearby starburst galaxy NGC 253 observed with ALMA"

31.  Y. Oya "A substellar-mass protostar and its outflow of IRAS 15398-3359 revealed by Subarcsecond-Resolution Observations of H2CO and CCH"

32.  K. Yoshida "Abundance anomaly of the 13C isotopic species of c-C3H2"

33.  T. Soma "Origin of methanol in the starless core, Taurus Molecular Cloud-1"

34.  Y. Ebisawa "Effects of Line Overlap in statistical equilibrium calculations of OH 18 cm lines"

35.  Y. Nishimura "Spectral line survey toward quienscent GMC in the LMC"

36.  N. Tanekura "Study of formation processes and chemical condition of L1544 prestellar core"

37.  T. Shimonishi "Processing of ices in a massive star-forming region"

38.  M. Hammonds "3.3 micron feature variations in AKARI data"