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  • Interstellar space as a 'laboratory' in extreme conditions has stimulated many new researches in the fields of physics and chemistry. At the same time, physical and chemical points of view are becoming indispensable for the study of astronomy and astrophysics. This workshop is proposed to offer an opportunity to communicate and exchange research results among researchers who are interested in physics and chemistry in space from the various points of view. In particular, we focus on experimental and theoretical developments in studies of bulk, atomic, and molecular processes relevant to astrophysics, and we discuss applications to present and future astronomical observations. Participants from wide fields: chemistry, planetary sciences, physics, and astronomy are welcome to this workshop.


  • Auditorium at Institute of Low Temperature science, Hokkaido University
  • Access to Hokkaido University

    Invited Speakers

    Confirmed invited speakers

  • Susanne Aalto (Onsala Observatory, Sweden)
    "Molecules as probes of activity in obscured luminous galaxies"

  • Tsubasa Fukue (NAOJ, Japan)
    "Near-Infrared Image of Circular Polarization in the Orion Nebula"

  • Wolf D. Geppert (Univ. Stockholm, Sweden)
    "Dissociative recombination and the build-up of complex molecules in the interstellar Medium"

  • Eric Herbst (Ohaio State Univ., USA)
    "Some Early Results from the HIFI Instrument on the Herschel Space Observatory"

  • Karin Öberg (CFA. USA)
    "The evolving ice-gas interface during star- and planet-formation"

  • Nami Sakai (Univ Tokyo, Japan)
    "Recent Progress of Carbon-Chain Chemistry in Molecular Clouds"


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    The program will be fixed after 20 August. The meeting will be scheduled from the morning of Monday to the morning (before lunch) of Wednesday

  • Poster size: 90cm(width)x180cm(height)


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    Registration & Abstracts

  • Registration is free but requires your information.
    The deadline of registration is 20 August.
  • Abstract should be emailed to us by 20 August using the abstract template.
  • Oral presentation will be selected from the submitted abstracts. Other papers will be poster presentation.
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  • Shuro Takano (Nobeyama Radio Observatory, NAOJ)
  • Yuri Aikawa (Kobe Univ.)
  • Naoki Watanabe (Hokkaido Univ.)


  • ISM2010_at_neko.lowtem.hokudai.ac.jp
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