International Glaciological Society
21 - 25 June 2010


Suggested topics include:

  • Land ice and snow, including:
    Snow cover, Glaciers, Ice sheets, Permafrost, Snow and glacier melt,

  • Ice and snow in the hydrosphere, including
    Sea ice, Ice shelves, Icebergs, River and lake ice

  • Hazards and social problems related to snow and ice,including
    Snow avalanches, Glacier-dammed lake outbursts, Permafrost thawing, Snow and ice accretion, Blowing snow, Snow removal

  • Use of snow and ice, including:
    Snow air conditioning, Tourism, Teaching materials, Recreation

  • Paleoclimate and paleoenvironment, including
    Ice core records, Past glaciation, Glacilacustrine and glacimarine deposits, Subglacial and proglacial sediment-landform record

  • Prediction of changes in the cryosphere, including
    Arctic sea ice, Area and property of snow cover, Glacier advance and retreat, Sea level change